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MoKee OpenSource Changelog from 03/31/2016 - 04/01/2016

Project: kernel/htc/msm8952
  •  Jiri Slaby - core, nfqueue, openvswitch: fix compilation warning

Project: system/core
  •  Scott Mertz - sched_policy: zero proc_name buffer before populating

Project: packages/services/LiveLockScreenService
  •  martincz - LiveLockScreenService: mokee bringup

Project: packages/apps/FMRadio
  •  Gabriele M - Fix force close when Google Play Music is not installed

Project: packages/apps/Settings
  •  d34d - LLS: Add LiveLockScreenSettings to ENTRY_FRAGMENTS

Project: device/lge/g2-common
  •  codeworkx - g2: ril: fix manual network selection
  •  Zdrowy Gosciu - g2-common: configs: mixer_paths.xml: Increase volume

Project: device/htc/msm8974-common
  •  Steve Kondik - msm8974: Remove debugfs mounting

Project: device/htc/hiae-common
  •  Ethan Chen - hiae: Actually set gpubw governor

Project: device/htc/hima-common
  •  Ethan Chen - hima: Tweak big core core_ctl up/down threshold

Project: device/xiaomi/libra
  •  printercu - Fix typo

Project: device/xiaomi/cancro
  •  martincz - cancro: try fix ota patch

Project: android
  •  martincz - Manifest: switch to our own project
  •  martincz - LLS: Add live lock screen service [4/4]

Project: frameworks/base
  •  d34d - LLS: Add LiveLockScreenController

Project: external/stagefright-plugins
  •  Ethan Chen - stagefright-plugins: Convert calls to av_free_packet to av_packet_unref

Project: vendor/mk
  •  Adnan Begovic - cm: Add further verbose messaging for api breaking changes.

Project: vendor/private
  •  martincz - private: add Chromium Project

Project: vendor/mksdk
  •  Roman Birg - LLS: add type
  •  Roman Birg - mksdk: add live lock screen settings action intent

Project: vendor/oppo/r7plus
  •  martincz - Update proprietary libs

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