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MoKee OpenSource Changelog from 05/23/2016 - 05/24/2016

Project: kernel/lge/f460
  •  shminer - Build fix
  •  Steve Kondik - video: mdss: LiveDisplay driver

Project: kernel/samsung/smdk4412
  •  Simon Shields - remove one more pmem reference
  •  Arnab Chaudhuri - i9100: Enable BLN support

Project: kernel/sony/msm8x27
  •  Vinayak Menon - mm: zcache: fix race between store and evict

Project: kernel/motorola/msm8226
  •  Gabriele M - Revert "ASoC: wcd9306: Fix the HPH and Lineout volume range"

Project: packages/apps/Nfc
  •  Puneet Mishra - NFC: Adding new vendor specific interface to NFC Service

Project: packages/apps/Gallery2
  •  Michael W - Gallery: Try to open existing camera

Project: packages/apps/LockClock
  •  martincz - Automatic translation import

Project: packages/apps/Settings
  •  luca020400 - Settings: Fix blur preference removal

Project: packages/providers/WeatherProvider
  •  martincz - Automatic translation import

Project: device/lge/hammerheadcaf
  •  fluxi - hammerheadcaf: Remove LiveDisplay permissions
  •  fluxi - Revert "hammerheadcaf: Build init vendor lib"

Project: device/lge/f460
  •  shminer - Sharpness: update logic

Project: device/qcom/sepolicy
  •  Amit Blay - sepolicy: Add support for new mdtpd

Project: device/samsung/i9100
  •  Caio Schnepper - i9100: Move BLN flag to
  •  Caio Schnepper - i9100: Enable BLN support

Project: device/sony/nicki
  •  Christopher R. Palmer - nicki: camera: How about doing our NULL checks before crashing?

Project: frameworks/base
  •  d34d - SysUI: Only set mKeyguardBlurEnabled if supported

Project: external/toybox
  •  Steve Kondik - toybox: Fix netstat crash
  •  Steve Kondik - Revert "toybox: Fix build of static executable"
  •  Steve Kondik - Revert "toybox: find: Fix segfault when using -iname/-ipath with -exec"

Project: external/android-clat
  •  Subash Abhinov Kasiviswanathan - clatd: Fix packet corruption seen with GRO packets

Project: external/mokee/ServerController
  •  martincz - add sambar to device list

Project: external/mokee/BuildController
  •  martincz - Temporary drop cherry
  •  Martincz Gao - Revert "Temporary drop cherry"
  •  dianlujitao - Temporary drop cherry
  •  martincz - add sambar to build target

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